SX-2000A Digital Cinema Server with
Integrated Media Block

The stunning solution for both 2K and 4K digital cinema

The stunning solution for both 2K and 4K digital cinema

The stunning solution for both 2K and 4K digital cinema

The stunning solution for both 2K and 4K digital cinema


GDC Technology is proud to introduce the new SX-2000A Digital Cinema Server with Integrated Media Block, our fifth generation digital cinema playback server designed to fully comply with DCI specifications.

The SX-2000A can support both 2K and 4K resolutions that is future–proof based on Texas Instrument's Enhanced DLP Cinema® technology, retaining all of the attractive SA-2100A's features such as:

  • 2K/4K DCI MXF JPEG2000 playback
  • DCI MXF JPEG2000 3D playback
  • MPEG2 MXF Interop playback
  • DCI approved forensic watermarking
  • HDTV/Live3D live streaming capabilities
  • Highly stable Linux-based operating system
  • Ingest of Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) via physical media, network and satellite

In addition, the SX-2000A offers increased storage capacity and flexibility with the following unique features.

    Unique Features
GDC IMB is awarded industry's first
FIPS Level 3 Certification meeting DCI security requirements
Supports Barco, Christie and NEC Series 2 Projectors
The SX-2000A seamlessly integrates with all Series 2 projectors including Barco, Christie and NEC to ensure highly reliable and secure content delivery.

Integrated 3D Live support
The SX-2000A comes integrated with SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D* and RealD LIVE*, which makes receiving high-quality 3D broadcasts possible. The SX-2000A also features a built-in integrated 3D receiver-decoder (optional) to seamlessly support 3D Live broadcast without requiring additional receiver-decoder.

Supports All Approved 3D Systems
The SX-2000A seamlessly integrates with numerous studio-approved 3D systems such as RealD, MasterImage, Dolby 3D and active 3D systems.

Finest 3D Playback
The SX-2000A provides the highest quality 3D playback with 12-bit 4:4:4 output images (left and right), providing 500 times more color spectrum than legacy servers.

USB 3.0 Interface (Optional)
The SX-2000A features an optional USB3.0 interface that increases content ingest speed by approximately 2 times faster than a USB 2.0 interface.

Supports Closed Captioning Devices
The SX-2000A supports various closed captioning devices such as USL Closed Captioning Device and WGBH Rear Window Captioning Device to enhance the hearing or visual impaired cinema patron's movie-going experience.

Up to 4TB of Redundant Hot Swappable Storage (Optional)
The SX-2000A comes with 3 hot swappable data drives that can easily be attached or detached. The SX-2000A is able to remain operational in the event of a single drive failure, thereby minimizing downtime.

Instant Playback from CRU Drive Sleds *
The SX-2000A allows for instant playback from the CRU drive sleds without requiring content ingest, which reduces time to screening in emergency situations.

Instant Playback from TMS Media Library
The SX-2000A allows for instant playback from the Theatre Management System's (TMS) content library to the server, providing greater flexibility for show management.

Remote Access of the Screen Management System
Cinema operators can remotely access GDC servers using Theatre Management System (TMS) and Screen Management System (SMS) from a Windows® PC, or mobile devices such as the Apple® iPhone™.

* Users must secure license directly from Sensio and RealD before activation of SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D and RealD LIVE.

* Only available in SX-2000A

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